Mexican startup specialized in Identity and Access Management, Threat Management and Application Security.

We are a Mexican startup specialized in improving the information security of companies in the financial and telecommunications sectors by implementing Identity and Access Management, Threat Management and Application Security solutions.


Threat management

Threat Management

How long does it take your company to discover what, where and when a security breach occur?

IBM Security Intelligence includes in a single platform: SIEM, event management, anomaly detection and configuration and vulnerability management and forensic analysis. QRadar collects, analyzes, and stores events from security devices, servers, network devices, applications, databases, and other sources.

Identity & Access Management And Governace

Does your organization have an adequate identity and access control life cycle?

Today’s organizations need to manage and enforce user access across multiple channels, including mobile, social, and cloud. At the same time, they must address business needs such as risk management, regulatory compliance, audit reporting, and multi-platform user integration.

Application Security

Do you review and demonstrate that your applications are in compliance? Are private or sensitive data exposed by your applications?

HCL AppScan is a modular and scalable solution, it performs static and dynamic analysis. It allows you to evaluate the security of mobile and web applications, strengthen the management of application security programs and achieve regulatory compliance by identifying vulnerabilities and generating reports.


  • Best practices against Ransomware
    Cybercrime is the greatest threat to all companies in the world. Every 10 seconds, a company is the victim of a Ransomware attack. Ransomware has only one purpose: To prevent you from using your device and the data on it until you have paid a ransom. Is your company ready to face the threat of Ransomware? Hello, I am Memo Rules and in this post will share with you 7 recommendations for your company to reduce the risk of data hijacking.
  • Application Security IAST vs DAST vs SAST
    30% of the security breaches that end in information theft have a web application as an entry. In this article, learn how to improve the security of the applications that your company develops by running IAST or interactive security tests.
  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) – What is?
    Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is a group of technologies that enable and secure digital identities of all applications, users, and data. It helps businesses to manage the growing number of technology assets by maintaining security and reducing compliance risks. IGA manages workflows to provision and de-provision assets and provides…
  • Application Security – What is IAST?
    Application Security testing is a pretty challenging process because it involves a developer who has to recheck code and make changes again and again until there are no vulnerabilities or the application is scheduled to release. A continuous integration server is also used to build applications and run automated tests….

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